General parameters up to 100% financing; 6-10% fixed rates; up to 30 year amortization

We finance churches utilizing bonds, we also have fixed and variable rates.  

Usually 10 yr terms with 30 yr amoritizations and a 1.10 DSCR, partner allowance 20% equity.  

Generally we require 70-80% loan to value with a 1.25 debt service ratio.  Our rates are competively low with a ten year term and thirty year amoritization.  We will underwrite your deal utilizing a common sense approach.

Loan amount from $500,000-15,000,000 traditional and non-traditional properties. Amoritizations: 20/25/30- low rates available through SBA(504) up to 90% LTV

We have aggressive programs for mobile home parks including variable and fixed rates.

ALL TYPESAll hotels including resorts, we provide financing for purchases, refinances, cash out, construction, rehabilitation, accounts receivable financing, stock option financing.

Considered to be a specialty type property, marinas are evaluated on a cash flow basis.  The appraised value is also an important factor if utilized in conjunction with an Asset Based Loan Program.

Clean enviornmental status, high traffic areas, new or newly renovated property.Purchases, refinances, fixed and adjustable rates available

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